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If there is no letter, then the bin is circulating.


Bin #31 Animals I: Insects and Spiders – Pre – Mid El.

Contains materials about insects & spiders with some materials that discuss other invertebrates. Lots of fun things to learn about these common, interesting animals. Includes the Bug Book and Bug Bottle, the Multimedia Bug Book CD ROM, lots of great nonfiction books & some very good fiction books.


Bin #32: Pets, Wildlife & Zoo. PRESCHOOL – MIDDLE EL.

Contains materials largely dealing with animals that children might be familiar with: pets, North American Wildlife or those seen in zoos. Contains both fiction and nonfiction pertaining to these topics. Six excellent TEACHER resources for STORY TIMES from Kidstuff.


BIN #35: Animals III, Down On the Farm 

Contains materials for a variety of ages that deal with the animals that one would find “down on the farm”. Some pet & zoo animal material is also provided for comparison.


Bin #36: Animals IV, In the Wild Middle El. – Upper El

A large number of Read-Along books with CDs, DVDs and non-fiction materials make up the core of this bin about wild animals from around the world.


Bin #38 Weather and Seasons – Pre-Early El

This bin contains a variety of fiction and nonfiction books that deal with weather/season related topics. A small number of books that include holiday/seasonal crafts are included as well.


Bin #42 Dressing and Clothes – Pre/K [U]


Bin #43 World Geography – Mid-Upper El. (as updated Jan 2009)

This bin contains a variety of resources – for children and the adults teaching them – pertaining to the study of world geography. Maps, software, cassettes of stories from around the world, Culture Grams, children’s magazines, and books on specific countries all provide a good ‘start’ to this area of study. Bin 122 holds material for older grades.


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