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If there is no letter, then the bin is circulating.
Bin #48 Earth Science – Early to Upper El.

This bin contains materials for a variety of ages that deal with a number of different topics related to the study of Earth and General Science. Good introductions to volcanoes, caves, the scientific method physics and geology are contained in this bin.


Bin #49 Plants and Garden – Preschool – Middle El.

This Bin contains picture books, child and adult resources and nonfiction about plants and gardening. Animals are not left out since 10 Read-A-Longs are included: 8 from the Smithsonian’s “Backyard” series and 2 from the Rabbit Ears series, including one about Peter and one about some magic beans.


Bin #50 Medieval Times – Mid El & Up

This bin contains: 1 CD Rom, 1 video, 1 bk on cassette, 1 bk on CD, 1 toy/game, 1 activity card set, and 1 Demco Passport Notebook “Travels with a Troubadour” (an excellent resource with 8-10 weeks of activities that take history concepts beyond isolated facts to genuine understanding). This bin also contains a variety of fiction and non-fiction books dealing with the topic.


Bin #52 Dinosaurs- Mid. El – Mid. School (Advanced) [C]

This recently updated bin contains a variety of materials dealing with the topic of dinosaurs.  Games include Monopoly Dinosaur Edition, Smithsonian Institution Dig that Dinosaur and BrainBox Dinsosaurs, among others.  You will also find five DVD sets from Discovery Channel and BBC Video, several non-fiction books and many books with read-along CDs.  Fun activities include a rubber stamp kit and a build your own dinosaur book.


Bin #53 Puppets – All ages

This bin, with its compliment of 10 hand puppets, includes just about any information that a teacher or group leader could wish for to get a group of kids off and running with puppetry. Most of the books are resources for teachers/group leaders, but some of the how-to” books would keep independent readers busy.


Bin #56 Libraries and Books – Early-Upper El

This bin contains materials for a variety of ages that deal with the library, library skills, books and information. Contains 5 videos, 3 CD ROMs, 3 games and lots of instructor resources. Making of a Book features a book broken down into smaller parts and shown at various stages of production. Fiction included in the bin includes some that is directly library related as well as some classic and favorite books.


Bin #57 Math Magic I – Pre-Early El.

This bin contains a number of board books, paperbacks, a CD ROM 2 videos and 5 resource books that deal with early math concepts for Preschoolers and Kindergartners. Includes the toys: Number Puzzle Farm and Tuff Stuff Number Blocks.


Bin #58 Everything’s Seuss – All Ages

All Seuss, all the time! 2 Seuss puzzles, 2 Seuss games, 2 Cat in the Hat hats, a Cat character toy, all of his books, most of the videos of the same, a Dr. Seuss biography and a book of poetry acitivities centering around Dr, Seuss rhyme and you have an EVERYTHING Seuss bin.


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