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If there is no [Letter], then the bin is circulating.


Bin # 76: Great Lakes Indians – Middle El. and up

This bin was originally assembled by the Michigan Council for the Humanities and was a part of the ROADS Culture Kit Program. The bin contains several artifacts including; a Black Ash Basket, birch bark cut-outs, a Birch Bark/Porcupine Quill box, porcupine quills, a dream catcher, sweet grass and bead work. Also included are 4 cassette tapes of music and stories, 3 videos and a variety of posters and books that deal with Great Lakes native history and culture.


Bin #78: U.S. History; Reconstruction to WWI – Upper El. to Middle School

This bin contains: 2 books on tape, 1 video, 2 magazines, 2 teacher resource books and a myriad of support books that cover U.S. history from Reconstruction through World War I.


Bin #79: U.S. History; 1920s to WWII – Upper El. to Middle School

This is a currently a small bin consisting mainly of children’s magazines discussing the Great Depressions, the Great War, and the Roaring 20s.  There are a few trade books as well.  This bin will be expanded as time goes on.


Bin #80: I Got to Move: Movement – Pre to Early El.

This bin contains some Esther Nelson tapes and sheer dancing cloths which invite creative large motor movement. Add a ring toss game, dance stories and movement reference books that include subjects from Finger Plays to Juggling and you have a tool box for the kinetic learners.


Bin #82: It’s About Horses! – Mid El to Middle School

Read several of Maguerite Henry’s classic horse books. Draw them, look at them. Listen to Tim Noah’s hilarious tape Kaddywompas and watch the classic movie, “National Velvet” starring Elizabeth Taylor. You might even read about some other animals in “All Things Bright and Beautiful”.


Bin #84: Christmas – Pre to Upper El.

This bin is pretty much what the title says; a variety of books, tapes, activities folders and videos that treat this holiday.


Bin #85: It’s Theatre! – Mid El to Middle School

This little bin has everything one needs for putting on a show. from Theater games to scripting to costume, simple or elaborate, you will find what you need to put on a show of your own.


Bin #89: ABC’s of Reading II – Early El.  [U]

This bin contains materials for early elementary that deal with the alphabet, phonics, reading motivation and reading skills.  There are several CD-ROMs and two games by Discovery Toys included.


Bin #90: Birds – Mid El to Middle School

Everything you need to begin the study of birds: from binoculars to Story Hours to Folk tales to Quizmaster. This bin also features the Multimedia Bird Book CD Rom and the Eyewitness video “Bird”.


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