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Brain Development, You and Your Child

Advancements in technology over the past 20 years have allowed us to study the human brain and its development in ways we could only have imagined 30 years ago. One of the significant things that we have learned is how IMPORTANT the birth through five years are to learning of all kinds, but particularly that related to language and math, in the later years.

Listed below are some web sites that explain how the brain develops in early childhood and what kinds of things that we can do (and not do) to help that process. Some also have links to other excellent sites that are not included below; check them as well. Enjoy the ride…it’s pretty amazing!

The Secret Life of the Brain is a PBS special.
Zero to Three – LOTS of resources for parents and presented in an easy to understand way.
Tufts University Family Web Guide - Links to other great sites, click on “Typical Child Development.”
Brainy Child is here to help you to gain the latest updates on child brain development, early child development, child development research, nutritional advice for infant brain development, and brain building toys/games reviews. Brainy-child is providing a newsletter that you can subscribe for FREE.
New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development.
Jumpstart for encouraging brain growth with reading.

Links checked: 5/30/15