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“FreshBrain” Technology for You!

freshbrainLogo_OnlyCHECK OUT Freshbrain! FreshBrain is an open and free web site,, that provides teens with the opportunity to explore, engage, and create through activities and projects. FreshBrain takes advantage of the latest technologies, such as web conferencing and social networking, to provide a very progressive environment where teens can complete activities and work together on projects. This experience is enhanced with Advisors, available to support and mentor teens who are working on projects, with the intention of increasing the likelihood of success. In addition, FreshBrain provides teens with tools and training in the latest technologies to complete these projects. FreshBrain is a public charity – a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit.

It’sa place for TEENS to play with technology, especially software. GO! NOW! Freshbrain. If you like doing this sort of thing, we could arrange for YOU to “trick out” our Teen pages here, or our MySpace or FaceBook. Maybe you could work on the socialnetwork project above, or make a YouTube movie of “Mr. Ron” singing a preschool song, doing a finger play or telling a story for our Early Childhood pages. ENHANCE yout “techno resume!’ The sky is the limit. Contact Ron if you would like to pursue any of those ideas.

updated 3/5/10