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Read-To-Me Electronic Wall-of-Fame

1372094230EmbeddedxSquirrelxwithxbooks2013 – (in no particular order)

Level 1: 20 Books

Logyn Purvis, Cohnor Purvis, Charlotte Purvis, Wyatt Fineout, Sophia Drinkall, Dominic Olson, Charlie Olson, Autumn Hummel, Levi Hummel, Trevor Schultz , Maryclare Tillotson, Susanna Tillotson, John Tillotson, Liam Groover, Logan Zielinski, Brock Jeffers, Gavin Jeffers, Lexi Pulver, Jace Pulver, David Monsitor, Seneca Mattingly, Jonah Mattingly, Amelie Janssens, Nicolas Timm, Ezekiel Ross and Cara Paulus.


Level 2: 32 Books and 8 Early Literacy Activities

Wyatt Fineout, Dominic Olson, Charlie Olson, John Tillotson, Maryclare Tillotson, Susanna Tillotson, Logan Zielinski, Cohnor Purvis, Logyn Purvis, Charlotte Purvis, Autumn Hummel, Levi Hummel, Brock Jeffers, Gavin Jeffers, Sophia Drinkall, Lexi Pulver, Jace Pulver, Atticus Fowler, Seneca Mattingly, Jonah Mattingly, Amelie Janssens Nicolas Timm, Ezekiel Ross and Cara Paulus.

final update:  11/06/2013

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