Who may have a library card?

If you live or own property in the Library’s service area (see below) you are eligible for a card from the Petoskey District Library.

  • City of Petoskey
  • Bear Creek Township
  • Little Traverse Township
  • Resort Township
  • Springvale Township

To verify your address is within our service area, click here and enter your street number, street name and city or zip code in the “Search for Clerks by Street Address” box. Click search and your township will be listed.

What about people who are under 13?

We must have the signature of the legal guardian when we issue a library card to someone under 13. At that time the legal guardian also authorizes or does not authorize internet access for that person.

In our Library, all materials are available to people regardless of age. We believe that the family makes decisions about what is appropriate for children, not an outside authority. For more information about library service to minors, see our Access to Library Material Policy.

What kind of ID must I have to get a card?

To get a card, you must bring one of the following items showing your current residence (street address) to the circulation desk when you apply for your card. You may print and fill-out a library card application in advance by clicking here.

  • MI driver’s license or ID card (Secretary of State)
  • Voter registration card
  • Property deed
  • Current property tax receipt (Emmet County Clerks Office)
  • Latest rent receipt
  • Current telephone/utility bill or recent item of mail
  • Automobile registration
  • Checkbook with your name and address imprinted
  • Name and address listed in a current phonebook
  • Library postcard to verify address – available upon request at the circulation desk
  • Student report card (for 13-17 year-olds)

What if I live outside your service area?

If you have a card from any of the libraries listed below you can use it at the Petoskey District Library:

  • Alcona County Library
  • Boyne District Library
  • Charlevoix Public Library
  • Cheboygan Public Library
  • Crooked Tree District Library
  • Mackinaw Area Library
  • Montmorency County Library
  • Northern Michigan Hospital Community Health Education Center
  • Presque Isle District Library

Education Cards

Education cards have been discontinued.

Purchased Cards

If you don’t qualify under any mutual service agreements and are not a resident or property owner in our service area, you can purchase a library card for $95.00/year or $25.00/three months which entitles you to full use of the Petoskey District Library. Many people who are here just for the summer or would like their children to participate in our summer reading club, buy a quarterly card. This card can be used for all library services including interlibrary loan.

May I use my library card at other local libraries?

You many use your card at the following Libraries:

  • Alcona County Library
  • Boyne District Library
  • Charlevoix Public Library
  • Cheboygan Public Library
  • Crooked Tree District Library
  • Northern Michigan Hospital Community Health Education Center (no card necessary)
  • Mackinaw Area Library
  • Montmorency County Library
  • Presque Isle District Library

How else can I use my card besides to check out materials?

You can use your library card to access your account online via our webpage and online catalog at www.petoskeylibrary.org. This allows you to reserve items (holds) from anywhere within our consortium via our webpage and online catalog. It also allows you to borrow items through MeLCat the statewide database.

You can use any of our internet computers by simply entering your library card and password/personal identification number (PIN). NOTE: It is important to request a password/PIN to allow you access to our computers and online database. You can obtain a password/PIN from the circulation department in person or simply call us at 231-758-3111.

What if I lose my card?

Not a problem. The first lost card is replaced for free, after that replacements are $2.00 each. It is important to have your library card when you visit the library so you can continue to enjoy the full services the library has to offer.

How many items can I check out with my library card?

At the circulation desk we like to tell our patrons “as many items as you want to be responsible for” . . . It’s a personal decision based on your own ability to use and keep track of materials.

How long can I keep my library materials?

DVDs and VHS tapes: 1 week
New releases: 2 weeks
Books and magazines: 3 weeks
Audio – books and music in CD / tape format: 3 weeks

Thank you for visiting and enjoying our library!