Used Book Store

Friends of the Library Book Store


Who says nobody buys books anymore?
The Friends continue to prove that statement on a daily basis. Yes, on a daily basis, because you can buy top-quality, gently used books in the

Friends’ Used Book Store seven days a week. And where is the Used Book Store? In case you haven’t visited yet, our store, which by the way,is the only used book store in Petoskey, is on the lower level of the library.

In the year 2018, our biggest year ever, the Friends earned over $14,000 in used book sales, all of which went to the library for new materials and programs! The success of the Used Book Store depends on the generous donations of quality used books that we receive from the public. Every year we receive thousands of donated books. What happens to those donated books?

  • The Library staff selects some that can be used for the book collections or for marketing purposes. A few may be given to non-profit organizations.
  • Most will be added to our Used Book Store. They are cleaned, priced and sorted by the Friends. All proceeds from those sales are used to purchase materials and support library services.
  • All books that show signs of mold, mildew or any other damage are recycled. (Hint: if your books fit this description, please take them directly to a recycling center.) We can no longer accept DVDs, CDs, VHS or cassette tapes.

The Friends of the Library Used Book Store is open year-round during regular library hours. Books for children, teens, and adults! Money raised at the Used Book Store supports your Petoskey District Library. If you need a receipt for your donation please ask at the circulation desk.

The Friends of the Library Puzzle Exchange!

  • Bring your gently used jigsaw puzzle with pieces secured in a ziplock bag inside the box
  • Puzzle should be 500 pieces or more with no missing pieces
  • Swap it for a “new” used puzzle
  • You may swap up to 3 puzzles at a time
  • Want to donate puzzles?  You can leave your donation on the desk in the book sale room
    Thank you!