BiblioBag is a new library delivery service for residents of the Petoskey District Library service area who are either temporarily or permanently home bound. Get most library items mailed to your home at no cost.

Who is eligible for BiblioBag Service?

Petoskey District Library patrons and/or their caregivers who are either temporarily or permanently home bound. Residents of American House, Harbor Village Senior Apartments, Independence Village, and Villa by the Bay qualify for bi-weekly delivery of materials through our Book Buddies program. Patrons must inform the library of changes to their home bound status.

How do I apply for BiblioBag? Just choose one of these options:

  • Fill out this online application form
  • Print the form and return it to Petoskey District Library, 500 E Mitchell Street Petoskey, MI 49770
  • Call 231.758.3121 and we will fill out the form together by phone

What Can I Borrow Using BiblioBag?
Books, audiobooks on CD, Music on CD, and DVDs can be mailed in our prepaid protective mailing pouches. Request up to four items per delivery, or let us pick the items for you.

How Do I Request Material?
Each pouch we mail to you will include a paper Request Form for you to send back with your returns. You may also request items by:

  • using your library card number and PIN to select and request books on our online catalog
  • calling 231.758.3100 and asking us to request books for you, either our choice or your specific requests
  • downloading and printing the paper request form and sending it by USPS to Petoskey District Library, 500 E Mitchell Street Petoskey, MI 49770

How Long Can I Keep Items Mailed to Me? 
Items are loaned for 4 weeks and may be renewed two times if there isn’t another patron waiting for that item.

How do I Return Material?
Place the material in the bag, zip it closed, use the enclosed zip tie to lock the bag, remove the address label from the outside pocket of the mailing pouch, flip it over, and put it in the pocket so the Library address is facing front.  Leave the pouch wherever your outgoing mail is collected. In some areas you may need to alert your mail carrier. The pouches are prepaid, so you never have to pay for postage.

What Do I Do If My Material is Overdue?
There are no overdue fines! We will contact you by phone, letter, or email if your material is seriously overdue.

What Do I Do If My Material Is Lost & Damaged?
Lost and damaged materials are noted in our records. Excessive instances of lost or damaged materials may result in reduction and/or suspension of service.

What if I Have Questions?

You can call Public Services Librarian, Jodi Haven, at 231.758.3121 with any questions about BiblioBag.