Library: Inside Out features Baking Science

When you think of yummy, gooey, delicious cookies do you think of science? Baking is science! You add ingredients, or elements, and add heat and what happens before, during, and after is a literal chemical reaction.

a photo of chocolate chip cookies in a stack








This Ted-Ed video on The Chemistry of Cookies explains the whole process!



Hershey’s has all the facts for the perfect cookie.


Check These Out

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist’s Guide to Chemistry

The Magic School Bus Gets Baked in a Cake : a book about kitchen chemistry


Try It at Home

Choose a cookie recipe and consider your ingredients. Did the cookies turn out like you thought they would? What could have made them better? What could have made them worse? Have you tried various ingredients? This NPR article talks about how cookies change when the dough is changed!



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