Michigan Notable Books, 2017

MNB_Sticker_FINAL_511483_7The Library of Michigan is pleased to announce the list of the 2017 Michigan Notable Books – 20 books highlighting Michigan people, places and events. The list highlights a wide range of exceptional “Michigan books” published in 2016 that bring attention to Michigan authors and topics.

Each year the list features 20 books, published the previous calendar year, which are about or set in Michigan or the Great Lakes region, or are written by a Michigan author.

The 2017 list represents fiction, short story collections, history, children’s picture books, mysteries, poetry and memoirs.

Beer Money: A Memoir of Privilege and Loss by Frances Stroh

The Charm Bracelet: A Novel by Viola Shipman

Children of the New World: Stories by Alexander Weinstein

Detroit Resurrected: To Bankruptcy and Back by Nathan Bomey

Feather Brained: My Bumbling Quest to Become a Birder and Find a Rare Bird on My Own by Bob Tarte

Great Lakes Island Escapes: Ferries and Bridges to Adventure by Maureen Dunphy

Heaven Was Detroit: From Jazz to Hip-Hop and Beyond edited by M.L. Liebler

Hystopia: A Novel by David Means

I Want to Be Once: Poems by M.L. Liebler

Know the Mother: Stories by Desiree Cooper

Lake Invaders: Invasive Species and the Battle for the Future of the Great Lakes by William Rapai

The Last Good Girl: A Novel by Allison Leotta

Michigan Modern: Design That Shaped America by Amy Arnold and Brian Conway

One Hundred-Knuckled Fist: Stories by Dustin M. Hoffman

Preston Tucker and His Battle to Build the Car of Tomorrow by Steve Lehto

Sweetgirl: A Novel by Travis Mulhauser

Terror in the City of Champions: Murder, Baseball, and the Secret Society that Shocked Depression-era Detroit by Tom Stanton

Twelve Twenty-Five: The Life and Times of a Steam Locomotive by Kevin Keefe

Wolf’s Mouth: A Novel by John Smolens

Women Doing Life: Gender, Punishment and the Struggle for Identity by Lora Bex Lempert