Service of the Month

Each month, we will highlight a library service that you may or may not be aware of. For the month of July, we will feature:

3D Printing

Turn your creations into reality!  Print your own objects on one of two 3D Printers available in our Makerspace.   If you’re at least 13 years of age and have an area library card, just complete and pass our online certification course here.  You can take the course as many times as needed.  Visit sites such as Thingiverse to find something to print, or create your own design using SketchUp software in our Makerspace.  Objects can be printed in a variety of different colors and cost just $1.00 per print job, plus .05 cents per gram over 10 grams of weight.  Anything from cookie cutters, to jewelry, to game pieces can be printed, as long as it follows our guidelines.