Tax Form Information


IRS (Federal) Tax Forms
Same as the past two years, we will only be receiving IRS Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ and their instruction booklets. (These have been received and are available in the reference area on the second floor.) We will gladly assist you in downloading and printing forms or ordering forms by mail at the Reference Desk on the second floor. We also have a set of common reproducible forms from which you can make photocopies. The following list contains links to some common IRS tax forms, instructions and publications. Other forms and publications are also available at the IRS website.

Tax return preparation and filing options include Free File and e-file can be found here.

Michigan Tax Forms
Please note: the MI-1040 and MI-1040 CR-7 instruction booklets contain forms. These are available in the reference area on the second floor. These and other forms and instructions are also available at the Michigan Treasury website.

Other State Tax Forms
Tax forms for other states are available at the Federation of Tax Administrators website.

Updated 02-24-2018