Donate Books, AV and Magazines

Individuals donating used books to the Library must follow the criteria set forth by the Library.

  1. Books must be in good, clean and relevant condition
  2. No condensed Readers Digest, TimeLife, encyclopedias, religious books or text books.
  3. Magazines must be no more than 3 months old.
  4. Dropping off books:
  • Books need to be sorted (hard cover from soft cover) and counted (hardcover and soft) before being brought to the library.
  • Books need to be boxed or in sturdy bags with handles.
  • The best time to drop off  donated books at the circulation desk is during regular Library business hours.
  • If staff doesn’t have time to address the donated items when they are brought to the Library, the donor will be informed when they can come back for their receipt and to pick up any books that might be rejected by the Library.