Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Petoskey District Library – March 2004
Revised September 2009

These are public computers used by many people. The library warns users of the risk involved when using services such as internet banking or services where the use of a password/PIN is necessary, as this may result in access to your personal information by others. The library will not be held responsible for any misuse which results from using these computers for personal internet services.

Please note: You may save information to this computer for use during your session. At the conclusion of your session any saved information will be automatically deleted. If you need to save work produced during your session you will need to provide your own portable storage device or email it to yourself.

Responsibility of Users:

In order to use internet access computers in the Petoskey District Library, users must agree to:

  1. Act responsibly in your use of the network and avoid actions that cause interference to the network or cause interference with the work of others on the network
  2. Respect the privacy of others
  3. Comply with all applicable law and regulations including unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials, violation of software license agreements
  4. Users may not:
    • intentionally introduce viruses or trojan horses on the Internet;
    • post any information that might be legally actionable;
    • use the system to hack or otherwise obtain unauthorized access
    • Display for others sites which violate their rights
    • Install personal software, attach equipment or modify operating systems or network configuration