Meeting Room Policy – Main Library

Petoskey District Library – Adopted February 22, 2005, Revised September 2009, July 24, 2014, February 26, 2015

General Meeting Room Principles:

  • The Library meeting rooms exist for use by community organizations that serve the greater Petoskey community, for the library and its programs, and for other meetings that are open to the public. They may be used by for-profit organizations or private parties for a fee.
  • The Library has a classroom (capacity of 18) and two conference rooms (capacity of 10 and 8), as well as the outdoor Labyrinth.
  • Library sponsored activities have priority and a group may be required to reschedule a meeting if it is in the library’s best interest. The library will do its utmost not to interfere with scheduled meetings and adequate advance notice will be given.
  • Groups using any meeting room space in the library must abide by the library’s non-discrimination policy and meet American’s with Disabilities Act requirements. The library reserves the right to make available the name and phone number of the person or group making a reservation to anyone inquiring about the event.
  • Groups are responsible for maintaining order and are liable for any damage to library property. All library policies must be adhered to including, but not limited to, the Library Code of Conduct.
  • There are white-boards and tack boards available for display during meetings. No other surfaces may be used to affix materials. Any such material must be removed at the close of the event. Tacking or writing on inappropriate surfaces is deemed a violation of this policy.
  • Allowing the use of meeting rooms does not connote sponsorship of the event or the organization by the Petoskey District Library, nor does it connote an endorsement of any group’s policies or beliefs.
  • Neither the name nor the address of the Petoskey District Library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization. Publication of misleading notices and advertisements will be considered a violation of these rules.
  • In the event of inclement weather, utility outage, or other emergency, the library director may cancel scheduled meetings. If cancellation becomes necessary, the library need only notify the person who made the application. In the event of such a cancellation, the library shall have no liability for any loss or expense if the applicant chooses not to reschedule.