Selection Policy

Petoskey District Library – Adopted June 2004
Revised 2009

As a public body, the Library will operate in accordance with the requirements of the First Amendment and will ensure that the Library collection is a marketplace of ideas which are contained in divergent materials and formats. The Library Commission endorses the American Library Association’s Library Bill of RightsFreedom to Read Statement, and Labeling and Rating Systems. In pursuit of the ideals set forth in these documents, the Library Commission supports the following policy regarding the selection of Library materials.

Both book and non-book materials shall be chosen at the discretion of the Library Director and such staff members as the Director may designate. Selection of materials shall be determined by the staff’s professional judgment, which shall be based on either first-hand examination of the materials or on reviews taken from competent reviewing sources. Suggestions for titles from Library patrons are welcome with the understanding that these titles shall be subjected to the same criteria that are used for staff-selected items. Materials will be purchased in non-book formats when that is the most useful form of presentation of the information.

Controversial materials
The Board considers it the duty of the Library to provide Library patrons with materials representing the full spectrum of current thought on issues in contemporary society, including access to digital information. Individual items which in and of themselves may be controversial or offensive to some may appropriately be selected if their inclusion will contribute to the balance and effectiveness of the Library collection as a whole. Insofar as facilities and resources permit, the Library staff shall attempt to include all sides of controversial issues in the collection.

Factors to be considered in adding specific materials to the Library collection shall include:
• present collection composition
• interest
• demand
• timeliness
• audience
• significance of subject, author, or title
• diversity of viewpoint
• effective expression

No materials shall be excluded because of race, nationality, religion, political or sexual affiliation, or social view of the author.