Summer Reading

Summer Reading

2021 Summer Reading starts Friday, June 4 through Friday, August 20.

What is Summer Reading? Summer Reading is a way for children and teens to engage with the library over the summer. Summer Reading can be as challenging or as casual as the reader wants, they simply pick up a bingo board and start reading! We encourage reading FOR FUN, and we will help create a habit of reading for pleasure by connecting kids and teens with books they enjoy in a variety of formats. Additionally, we will provide access to reading materials, activities, and programs designed specifically for their ages and interests. Finally, fun prizes will be given to kids and teens who turn in their bingo boards!

Visit the library for a bingo board or download here:

Baby and Toddler PDF | PNG PNG

Kids                      PDF | PNG PNG

Teen                     PDF | PNG PNG

Adult                     PDF | PNG PNG



Babies and Toddlers who turn in a completed bingo board get a brand new board book

Kids who turn in a completed bingo board (all 25 squares) get a prize pack (a bag filled with random, fun stuff!) and choice of brand new book

Teens have levels! One bingo gets you a prize from the Prize Bin; two bingos get you a book from the book bin; every bingo you complete gets you a vote on the community prize, which is between bean bag chairs or a Sphero mini-robot (Sphero Bolt).